понеделник, 26 декември 2016 г.

Crochet: Really Simple Flower

I crochet this really simple flower as a decoration. I used 3.5 mm hook and some cotton-acrylic yarn. I think it should work with almost any yarn and the right hook size.
You can also use magic loop to start but I like the little hole in the middle.

It's worked in rounds.
Make a knot. And then chain 5, slip stitch in the first stitch. If you want a smaller hole - make 3 or 4 chain.
Now work in rounds:
1st round: 10 single crochet, slip stitch to join in the first stitch of this round.

Each leaf is worked in 2 stitches from the previous round. Cut yarn. Change color here.

2nd round: [ chain 5, double crochet with 4 loops, double crochet with 3 loops - in the first stitch;  double crochet with 3 loop, double crochet with 4 loops, chain 5 - in the next stitch] repeat this 5 times for 5 leaves.*

*double crochet with 3 or 4 loops is worked like double crochet but instead of making one yarn over - make 3 or 4 yarn over and then repeat [pull through 2 loops] 4 or 5 times.

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