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Little Heart For Fun


Maybe these hearts are too simple to have their own pattern,  but I decided to have them published anyway. I have included photos and tips. I used the invisible decrease for this pattern and I definitely prefer it! If you haven't used it, you should try it, check my photos at the bottom of this page, it's so easy :) Stuff them just a little. I also hid some tiny magnets in my hearts. Or you can glue them on a stick! The bottom of the heart can be easily changed... I used 3.0 mm hook and cotton yarn.

You will need yarn, crochet hook, stuffing, darning needle and scissors
I also used little magnets(I hide them inside) and my hearts are on my refrigerator.

How to read the pattern
The project is worked in spiral. No joining.
st - stitch
sc - single crochet

2sc - 1sc in next 2 st, 3st - 1sc in next 3 st
sl st - slip stitch

inc - increase - two stitches in next stitch
dec - decrease - this time I used invisible decrease - see photos. You can also use sc2tog, but I recommend you inv dec! 

*inc, sc* repeat 3 times - means: 
inc, sc,inc, sc,inc, sc
(12) - means the number of stitches you should have after finishing the row 

Magic ring


  1. 6sc in MR
  2.  *inc* repeat 6 times (12)
  3.  1sc in each st (12) for 3 rows
  4.  1sc in each st 
  5.  1sc in each st  
Finish and leave a small tail on the first hemisphere:

After finishing the second one, do not cut yarn but continue working on the first one. The first stitch of the first row of the body is made on the first hemisphere (with yarn from the second one). The last stitch of the first row of the body is made on the second hemisphere. And count stitches after finishing this row. It's easy to make a mistake.
Number of stiches of the first row of the body = number of stitches of the hemishere X 2
24 = 12 X 2
At the bottom of the page there is another photo from my bunny tutorial, explaining this same technique.

  1. 1sc in each st (24)
  2. [dec, 4sc] repeat 4 times (20)
  3. 1sc in each st (20)
  4. [dec, 3sc] repeat 4 times (16), stuff
  5. 1sc in each st
  6. [dec, 2sc] repeat 4 times (12), stuff some more if needed
  7. 1sc in each st
  8. [dec] repeat 6 times (6)
  9. 1sc in each st (optional row)
Finish off.


First row of the body again

 Invisible decrease explained:

събота, 14 януари 2017 г.

My son's duckling

After finishing the big duck (see this post) my son asked me for little ones. My husband was waiting me to finish his socks but these ducklings were in my mind a really long time. We have that book about mother duck and duckling. Egg hatches and a little one is welcome to the world, finds new friends, learns to swim. You know the story.

The duckling is crochet in one piece with sport weight yarn and 3 mm hook. You will need a darning needle just for finishing off. I crochet the wings and the beak on the toy without sewing them. Work in a spiral, no joining between rounds and check how to read amigurumi patterns section above. Do not forget to put marker in the end of the row as there are several custom rows. I am using the invisible decrease. When decreasing the body be careful with your tension. Crochet tight.

 I really like one piece amigurumi toys. They keep their shape, no need to assemble and wonder where to attach the parts. My children play with them and I want them to last longer. My little one is still putting everything in his mouth and I decided to sew the eyes. See the photos below.

Here's the pattern for the ducklings:
  1. 6 sc in mr
  2. 6 inc (12)
  3. [inc, sc] 6 times (18)
  4. 18 sc
  5. 18 sc
  6. 18 sc
  7. 18 sc
  8. [dec, sc] x 6 (12) -- stuff the head with fiberfill
  9. [dec,  2sc] rep (9)
  10. [inc, 2 sc] rep (12)
  11. [inc, sc] rep (18) -- stuff 
  12. 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, [inc, 2 sc] x 5 (25)
  13. 10 sc, [inc, 2 sc] x 5 (30)
  14. 10 sc, [inc, 3 sc] x 5(35)
  15. 35 sc
  16. sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 12 sc, 4 inc, 11 sc (37)
  17. dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, [dec, sc] x 4, 3 sc, [dec, sc] x 4, 3 sc (28)
  18. [dec, 5 sc] rep (24)
  19. [dec, 2 sc] rep (18)
  20. [dec, sc] rep (12) -- stuff again
  21. 6 dec and finish off

Put pins to decide where the eyes should be.

 Make slip stitch, then 3 single crochet horizontally from right to left, 1 ch and turn on 180 degree; 4 single crochet. Turn again and make 2 slip stitch in the middle lower loops, slip stitch in the first single crochet. Also you could make 2 single crochet instead of the slip stitch. Both look great.

Use your imagination to make those little wings. I will show you my choice.

Looking from above (if you were the duck) - the right wing is started closer to the head and worked towards the tail. Yarn over, pull through and make a slip stitch. Work 2 more single crochet this way. Turn and chain 3, single crochet c in the first loop, inserting the hook in the first loop only. Then add two more single crochet and finish off. Make a knot with the threads and hide it inside of the toy.

The left wing is worked the opposite way. Now start closer the tail, making one slip stitch and 2 single crochet, chain 1 and turn, 3 single crochet, 3 chain and slip stitch where the last single crochet was made. Finish off.

понеделник, 9 януари 2017 г.

Little Mouse with Big Eyes

I started this project as something else and somehow I ended up with a mouse. It was created a year ago and is one of my first designs.. The mouse is about 14 cm in sitting position. (5 and a half inches). I wanted him to look scared maybe, so I put him big eyes. You could place safety eyes and it would look totally different! You will notice the head increases are not regular. And where you increase - it's the face. 
I used cotton yarn for this toy and 3 mm hook. Prepare your needle, stuffing, scissors and lets begin.

  1. 6sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12) 
  3.  3 sc, 6 inc, 3sc (18)
  4. sc (18)
  5. 6 sc, 6 inc, 6 sc (24)
  6. sc (24)
  7. 9 sc, 6 inc, 9 sc (30)
  8. sc (30)
  9. [inc, 4 sc] rep (36)
  10. sc
  11. sc
  12. [dec, 4 sc] rep (30)
  13. [dec, 3 sc] rep (24), stuff the head
  14. [dec, 4 sc], rep (20)
  15. [dec, 3 sc] rep (16)
  16. [dec, 2 sc] rep (12), add some more stuffing
  17. [dec, sc] rep (8)
Cut yarn and close the gap with a needle

Body - it is worked from bottom to top.
  1. 6sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12) 
  3. [inc, sc], rep (18)
  4. [inc, 2 sc] rep (24)
  5. [inc, 3 sc] rep (30)
  6. sc (30) for 8 rows
  7. sc
  8. sc
  9. sc
  10. sc
  11. sc
  12. sc
  13. sc      
  14. [dec, 3 sc] (24)
  15. sc (24)
  16. sc (24)
  17. [dec, 4 sc] (20)
  18. [dec, 3 sc] (16), stuff the body
  19. [dec, 2 sc] (12)
  20. sc
  21. sc
Stuff some more, do not close the gap, cut yarn, leave a tail and sew the body to the head. Insert the needle in every stitch (they are 12) and sew the head.

If you want you could make the arms shorter, just reduce the number of rows. Pin them and decide :). Do not stuff them.

Arm - make two
  1. 9 sc in magic ring (9)
  2. sc (9)
  3. [dec, sc] rep (6)
  4. - 13. sc (6) for 10 rows
Leg - make two
  1. 6 sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12) 
  3. sc (12)
  4. [dec, sc] rep(8)
  5.  - 13. sc (8) for 9 rows
Tail - with main colour or pink

     21 chain, 20 sc, starting from the second st from the hook, turn, 20 sl st from the other side. 
You are making a round and a half that way. So leave a tail for sewing. And hide the beginning tail inside the tail. You can always reduce/increase the lenght of the tail. Another way to crochet a tail is to 6sc in magic ring and sc in each until you reach the desired length.

Eye - inner circle - dark colour, black
  1.  6 sc in magic ring (6)
Slip stitch and cut yarn, leaving a tail for sewing to the outer circle

Eye - outer circle - white colour
  1.  6 sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12)
Slip stitch and cut yarn, leaving a tail for sewing. First sew the inner to the outer circle, than sew the eye to the head. 

Nose - see picture of this cool knot or use a safety nose, or sew one.

Ear - make two
  1. 6sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12) 
  3. [inc, sc] rep (18)
  4. [inc, 2 sc] rep (24)
  5. sc (24)
  6. [dec, 4 sc] rep 20)
  7. [dec 3 sc] rep (16)
  8. sc (16)
  9. [dec, 2 sc] rep (20)
Cut yarn and leave a tail for sewing to the head. But before sewing make the inner circles of the ears and sew them first.

Ear - inner circle - make two - pink colour
  1. 6sc in magic ring (6)
  2. [inc] rep (12) 
Slip stitch and cut yarn, leaving a small tail. Sew them to the ears.
Add whiskers with dark yarn and a needle.

    chain 3, 2 dc in the first chain, chain 2, sl st in the first chain,
    chain 2, 2 dc in the first chain, chain 2, sl st in the first chain,
    leave a tail and make a knot around the first chain to shape the bow,
    Add chain 11 to the bow, sew it below the bow and then sew the bow on the mouse. 
See picture


събота, 7 януари 2017 г.

My son's duck

Crochet Duck AmigurumiCrochet Duck Amigurumi
This is my son's duck. His favorite color is yellow. Another requirement was a toy that can speak and eat. Can you imagine that? It was a challenge to crochet this little guy because of the body. And I'm happy with it. 

The duck is worked in rounds, no joining, like a spiral. It is important to use a marker to mark the end stitch of every round (or scrap of yarn). I used a 3 mm hook and some yellow and orange yarn - 50% acrylic, 50 % cotton. The body has not regular decreases and increases so I recommend that you use acrylic yarn or use one size smaller hook where needed. I used the invisible decrease and it back side of the bird looks neat. For more information about the invisible decrease - see images and explanation in the amigurumi tips and tricks section above. 
I also used safety eyes - 1 cm in diameter. You will need a needle for sewing, and scissorsI like using pins for attaching the parts and then sew. 
The duck is about 18 cm (7 inches) tall - stand up.

Crochet Duck Amigurumi

Upper side
  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. [inc] rep 6 times (12)
  3. [inc, sc] rep (18)
  4. sc (18)
  5. sc (18)
Finich off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Lower side
  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. [inc] rep 6 times (12)
  3. sc (12)
  4. sc (12)
Finich off and leave a long tail for sewing

  1. 6 sc in magic loop
  2. inc 6 times (12)
  3. [inc, 1 sc] rep (18)
  4. [inc, 2 sc] rep (24)
  5. [inc, 3 sc] rep (30)
  6. 1 sc in each st (30) for 4 rows
  7. 1 sc in each st
  8. 1 sc in each st
  9. 1 sc in each st
  10. [inc, 4 sc] rep (36)
  11. [inc, 5 sc] rep (42)
  12. 1 sc in each st (42)
  13. [dec, 5 sc] rep (36)
  14. [dec, 4 sc] rep (30)
  15. [dec, 3 sc] rep (24) ----- Stuff the head a little
  16. [dec, 4 sc] rep (20)
  17. [dec, 3 sc] rep (16)
Do not cut yarn. You will continue working in spiral. This is the head. I added safety eyes at this point. The important thing here is that the center of the face - the nose should be exactly over the last stitch of the round. You could crochet 2-3 more rounds and you will get an idea of what I'm talking about as the body will take its shape. I put the eyes between 7-8 row and between them there is 3-4 stitches. I sew the beak between 8 and 12 rows approximately

Most of the rows in the body are custom - counting stitches, less repeating. When you make increases you are shaping the back. And with a few rows you will notice than better. So make the face according to the back side of the body. If you do not put safety eyes, leave that part for later on, crochet the body first. If you do just be more careful, crochet a few rows of the body and then put them :)

Crochet Duck Amigurumi
  1. 6 sc, 4 inc, 6 sc (20)
  2. sc (20)
  3. 8 sc, 4 inc, 8 sc (24) --- stuff the head
  4. sc (24)
  5. 9 sc, 6 inc, 9 sc (30)
  6. sc (30)
  7. 12 sc, 6 inc, 12 sc (36)
  8. sc (36)
  9. 15 sc, 6 inc, 15 sc (42)
  10. sc (42)
  11. 18 sc, 6 inc, 18 sc (48)
  12. sc (48)
  13. 20 sc, 8 inc, 20 sc (56)
  14. sc (56)
  15. sc (56)
  16. sc (56)
  17. 20 sc, 8 dec, 20 sc (48)
  18.  sc (48)
  19. 18 sc, 6 dec, 14 sc, 2 dec (38)
  20. 4 dec, 10 sc, 2 dec, 16 sc (32)
  21. [dec, 6 sc] rep (28)
  22. [dec, 5 sc] rep (24) -----stuff the body 
  23. [dec, 4 sc] rep (20)
  24. [dec] 10 times (10)
  25. 4 dec and finish off 
FOOT-- make two
  1.  6 sc in magic ring
  2. [inc] 6 times (12)
  3. sc (12)
  4. sc (12)
  5. sc (12)
  6. sc (12)
  7. [slip st  chain 1 and double crochet in the first stitch; double crochet, chain 1, slip st in second stitch] repeat that 6 times
If you imagine this is a flower. Fold the foot in two and sew two by two each petal :)
LEG -- make two
  1. make a knot, chain 8 and slip stitch to form a ring. (Leave a tail here before making a knot for sewing)
  2. single crochet -> work in spiral(forming a tube)- I made 7 rounds appr.  (Finish and leave a tail too)
I didn't stuff the legs.

WING - make two
    Crochet Duck Amigurumi
  1. 6 sc in mr
  2. [inc] 6 times (12)
  3. sc (12)
  4. [inc, sc] rep (18)
  5. sc (18)
  6. sc (18)
  7. sc (18)
  8. sc (18)
  9. sc (18)
  10. sc (18)

[A - sl st, chain 5 in the first st, 2 double cr with 4 loops* together in the second st, chain 5, sl st in third;
B - sl st, chain 3 in first, 2 triple cr (with 2 yo) together in second, chain 3, sl st in third;
C - sl st, chain 1in first, 2 double cr together in second, chain 1, sl st in third;
Repeat C in the next 3 stitches;
Repeat B in the next 3 stitches;
Repeat A in the last 3 stitches]

Now fold the wing and sew two by two those 6 feathers. Finish off.

Use some black yarn to sew eyebrows.
I hope you like your duck! 

Update: I also added ducklings