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Little Heart For Fun


Maybe these hearts are too simple to have their own pattern,  but I decided to have them published anyway. I have included photos and tips. I used the invisible decrease for this pattern and I definitely prefer it! If you haven't used it, you should try it, check my photos at the bottom of this page, it's so easy :) Stuff them just a little. I also hid some tiny magnets in my hearts. Or you can glue them on a stick! The bottom of the heart can be easily changed... I used 3.0 mm hook and cotton yarn.

You will need yarn, crochet hook, stuffing, darning needle and scissors
I also used little magnets(I hide them inside) and my hearts are on my refrigerator.

How to read the pattern
The project is worked in spiral. No joining.
st - stitch
sc - single crochet

2sc - 1sc in next 2 st, 3st - 1sc in next 3 st
sl st - slip stitch

inc - increase - two stitches in next stitch
dec - decrease - this time I used invisible decrease - see photos. You can also use sc2tog, but I recommend you inv dec! 

*inc, sc* repeat 3 times - means: 
inc, sc,inc, sc,inc, sc
(12) - means the number of stitches you should have after finishing the row 

Magic ring


  1. 6sc in MR
  2.  *inc* repeat 6 times (12)
  3.  1sc in each st (12) for 3 rows
  4.  1sc in each st 
  5.  1sc in each st  
Finish and leave a small tail on the first hemisphere:

After finishing the second one, do not cut yarn but continue working on the first one. The first stitch of the first row of the body is made on the first hemisphere (with yarn from the second one). The last stitch of the first row of the body is made on the second hemisphere. And count stitches after finishing this row. It's easy to make a mistake.
Number of stiches of the first row of the body = number of stitches of the hemishere X 2
24 = 12 X 2
At the bottom of the page there is another photo from my bunny tutorial, explaining this same technique.

  1. 1sc in each st (24)
  2. [dec, 4sc] repeat 4 times (20)
  3. 1sc in each st (20)
  4. [dec, 3sc] repeat 4 times (16), stuff
  5. 1sc in each st
  6. [dec, 2sc] repeat 4 times (12), stuff some more if needed
  7. 1sc in each st
  8. [dec] repeat 6 times (6)
  9. 1sc in each st (optional row)
Finish off.


First row of the body again

 Invisible decrease explained:

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