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My son's duckling

After finishing the big duck (see this post) my son asked me for little ones. My husband was waiting me to finish his socks but these ducklings were in my mind a really long time. We have that book about mother duck and duckling. Egg hatches and a little one is welcome to the world, finds new friends, learns to swim. You know the story.

The duckling is crochet in one piece with sport weight yarn and 3 mm hook. You will need a darning needle just for finishing off. I crochet the wings and the beak on the toy without sewing them. Work in a spiral, no joining between rounds and check how to read amigurumi patterns section above. Do not forget to put marker in the end of the row as there are several custom rows. I am using the invisible decrease. When decreasing the body be careful with your tension. Crochet tight.

 I really like one piece amigurumi toys. They keep their shape, no need to assemble and wonder where to attach the parts. My children play with them and I want them to last longer. My little one is still putting everything in his mouth and I decided to sew the eyes. See the photos below.

Here's the pattern for the ducklings:
  1. 6 sc in mr
  2. 6 inc (12)
  3. [inc, sc] 6 times (18)
  4. 18 sc
  5. 18 sc
  6. 18 sc
  7. 18 sc
  8. [dec, sc] x 6 (12) -- stuff the head with fiberfill
  9. [dec,  2sc] rep (9)
  10. [inc, 2 sc] rep (12)
  11. [inc, sc] rep (18) -- stuff 
  12. 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, [inc, 2 sc] x 5 (25)
  13. 10 sc, [inc, 2 sc] x 5 (30)
  14. 10 sc, [inc, 3 sc] x 5(35)
  15. 35 sc
  16. sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 12 sc, 4 inc, 11 sc (37)
  17. dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, [dec, sc] x 4, 3 sc, [dec, sc] x 4, 3 sc (28)
  18. [dec, 5 sc] rep (24)
  19. [dec, 2 sc] rep (18)
  20. [dec, sc] rep (12) -- stuff again
  21. 6 dec and finish off

Put pins to decide where the eyes should be.

 Make slip stitch, then 3 single crochet horizontally from right to left, 1 ch and turn on 180 degree; 4 single crochet. Turn again and make 2 slip stitch in the middle lower loops, slip stitch in the first single crochet. Also you could make 2 single crochet instead of the slip stitch. Both look great.

Use your imagination to make those little wings. I will show you my choice.

Looking from above (if you were the duck) - the right wing is started closer to the head and worked towards the tail. Yarn over, pull through and make a slip stitch. Work 2 more single crochet this way. Turn and chain 3, single crochet c in the first loop, inserting the hook in the first loop only. Then add two more single crochet and finish off. Make a knot with the threads and hide it inside of the toy.

The left wing is worked the opposite way. Now start closer the tail, making one slip stitch and 2 single crochet, chain 1 and turn, 3 single crochet, 3 chain and slip stitch where the last single crochet was made. Finish off.

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