About me

My name is Nadezhda Petrova - my first name means hope.

I crochet and knit - my kind of meditation. I also like designing things especially toys. My family loves them. My husband is often the man behind the camera. I'm planning to teach him to crochet at least. He has taken my hook one or two times. But it will take time, a lot of time.... We both met in university, we are good at maths. But I'm better in counting stitches. I believe in the special energy of the handmade gifts. They are unique and you could always add a little bit of yourself.

Everyone deserves to have a hobby. Doing things that you love and enjoy is certainly the way to happiness.

I hope that you will find some inspiration here!

All patterns, designs, tutorials and photos are mine unless otherwise said. It is a pleasure to share but also takes a lot of time. Please respect that and do not copy my work as your own.

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